Friday, 20 January 2017

I have lost count with the number of times I have apologised for not posting, the last few years have been a whirl wind of changes, some good, some not so good.  I have had to focus a lot of energy on my family to keep them buoyant and at the same time re-enter the workforce, help renovate and extend our home, cope with lost and found pets, new pets, sick pets, sick humans etc a - it feels like at times my feet never touch the floor!

Now the new catalogue has been out for some months but more recently we've had our new Occasions Catalogue released, it went live on 4th January and at the same time our Sale-a-Bration Catalogue which gives you access to free stuff!  (this one is only available until the end of March so be quick!)  I will update the links on the side bar.

I have spent a few days over the summer in my craft room, it is a rare experience nowadays but I find it so peaceful and relaxing, I really should do it more!  Despite making cards I am shocking at sending them. especially as my family are all over seas and by the time I remember it is their birthday it is too late for me to send one plus I don;t find post offices and post boxes as accessible here as I did back home! So over the last couple of visits to my craft room I have been making cards for my family writing them, putting them in envelopes with a reminder as to when to post them!!

Here are a couple I have made that I haven't CASED. I will edit them and add materials soon.

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