Tuesday, 15 July 2014

As always seems to be the case now I never get to update my blog, it is pretty much dormant.  Currently I am juggling three jobs, single mum to three plus all the pets and renovating and extending a home with my partner so for the foreseeable future I am pretty much busy!

Having said that my craft studio is almost complete, it has a small kitchenette and a bathroom so I can hold classes here without affecting the whole family. I had a bit of a wallpaper nightmare but if you squint and hold your head sideways and try hard not to focus I think I can get away with it!!

I have a wish list (one of many) of furniture I would like so I can store things away neatly and have a really amazingly organised space but finances dictate otherwise.

I have had a break from running classes for the last couple of months, the boys' hockey, futsal, soccer, AFL etc has been taking so much of my time I haven't been able to run them and I needed to cut myself some slack.  However, the new catalogue is out and I am starting to feel a little more inspired so at some point I will get something up and running.