Friday, 10 June 2011

Mini Stationery Box

This is my new project! A mini Stationery Book, it's so cute, is it too big headed to say I really love this, living in a household of just boys I love that it is very girly!

When you first open it there is a little area to write a message if this is a gift to someone and a flap to pull it open further.

When fully open there are three sections, each section holds two little note cards and their envelopes.

I designed three cards and made two of each design to put inside the book/box!

So there it is, a turoial will be available very soon!


Mae Collins said...

This is gorgeous Lynda and will make a very special gift for someone...if you don't decide to keep it for yourself to use. Look forward to seeing the tutorial so I can make one myself.

Susan Hogan said...

Lovely idea Lynda - it looks great. Can't wait for the tutorial.