Thursday, 23 September 2010

Awaiting my parcel!

Due to lack of funds I was a little late in ordering any new bits from the new catalogue. Having earnt some commission I have a small order awaiting arrival and I am trying to be patient but failing dismally! As soon as my stash arrives I shall start creating and then posting!

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Colour Renovation Colour Kits

If you have bought all the colour family bits in the past, the pens, the crayons, the Ink Spots, the Classic Pads etc there is a way to collect all the new colours, and receive new inserts etc to accommodate the the new colours.

They are called the Colour Renovation Colour Kits.

Click the picture below to download the Flyer and contact me to order any of these!

New Idea Book and Catalogue


Well it has been months since I have posted, I know. The last 12 months + have been a very difficult time on a personal level. My husband and I have separated, to be divorced, and I have been managing as a single mum of 3 boys in a country 11000 miles away from home.

Having said that I have had a tremendous amount of support from my family with my mum and dad coming out in shifts to be here for me and a fantastic group of friends. All these things has meant that I am feeling stronger and more able to face the day to day trials and tribulations. I am still at the start of a very long road to travel but the journey has begun now and it is a case of getting my head down and focus on the finish!

I cannot promise to be an avid poster but I hope that I can be better than I have been!

Needless to say we have our new catalogue out now - it is full of loads of yummy new products as well as the re-introduction of the more popular sets from the mini catalogues we have had over the last 18 months.

The biggest change of course is the Colour Renovation, we have lost many of our old colours but have gained so many new ones, 5 of the last In Colors have been reintroduced as core colours, we have seen the return of Wild Wasabi and River Rock, Kraft has been rename Cake Crumb and there are a few more brand new colours.

There are five new In Colours, we get to keep these for two whole years, next year five more will be introduced so from next year we will have 10 In Colours in total with 5 being replaced each year. I love this as before I felt I was just getting 'into' the In Colors when we had to say goodbye to them!

If you live in Australia and would like a copy of the new catalogue then EMAIL ME for more details.

In the mean time take a look at the catalogue online!