Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Almost two months!!

Can you believe it almost 2 months since I last posted! We went away for a week towards the end of the school holidays and had no Internet and then we were frantically getting ready for the new school year and then I started work, the first time in almost 8 years!!!

In my life before kids I taught Biology, Chemistry and Physics to children aged from 11-16 years and then Biology, Environmental Science and some Chemistry to children aged 16-19years. It was pretty full on and required so much planning and preparation not to mention stress that after my second son was born I tried to stick at it for a while but then finally 'retired'. Sometimes I miss teaching the kids but I think what I miss most of all is the stimulation. I love science, I love understanding how things work and the thought of going back and studying for another degree seems quite appealing at times (in the same way as you think the grass is always greener on the other side but the reality is it isn't at all!!!).

Anyway the job I am doing now is just part time admin work, it fits around the kids beautifully, of course the pay is dismal compared with what I could be earning teaching but it really is nice to leave work and really leave it, not bring it home with me and have piles of books and assignments staring at me making me feel like I should be marking them all the time!! It has been a bit weird today, for the first time ever my husband worked at home and looked after the three terrors whilst I went to work - it was most bizarre!

So why do I craft? I don't really know, I have always loved art and crafting, it is the perfect compliment to science I think, a little bit of escapism. I enjoy creating beautiful things and get even more enjoyment from then giving these 'things' to someone else and seeing them enjoy it too - all sounds a bit cheesy eh?!

Anyway despite being pretty silent on the Internet I have had moments where I have been stamping and creating. Mainly as my classes are still running so I have to be prepared for those. When I was teaching and I had been doing it for some time I learnt the technique called 'Door handle Preparation'. this is basically when you decide what you are going to teach the moment you open the door and greet your class. I have to say some of my classes have been a bit like that recently, I have been designing the card just an hour before the ladies arrive and am still cutting it all as they seat themselves. I do finally think though I have reached a bit of a balance now and each day it is getting a little easier.

Hopefully in the next weeks I will be able to dig out all of my creations and post them up here, failing that I'll just have to make new ones!!

Thank you to all those that have contacted me to check I am OK and asking me to come back, it is nice that you have made the time to to make the effort - thank you so much!


Kate Lewis said...

Lovely to see you back Lynda! K xx

Bronwyn Eastley said...

Hi there Lynda. Looking forward to viewing some snaps of what you have been up to lately. See you in about 5 weeks!