Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Note Card Box

So here is a sneak preview of my new project, an episode of Dr Who inspired this project believe it or not!

I find the hardest thing of all is giving it a catchy title so if you can think of something better, please let me know. It is a little box that holds the SU! Note Cards (101950, 20 cards $9.50, p131) beautifully, there is a section of the envelopes, a section for the cards and a section for pens, stamps, etc. This is one of my prototypes, I need to change the cantilever system slightly so that it opens more and makes the bottom section more accessible.

I have not had ab opportunity to actually design cards and fill the box properly yet as it is so hot of the design press but I will!!!

I have taken photos at each step so will be writing a tutorial soon. the tutorial will be available in metric measurements and for all this Americans & Canadians out there I will also do it in Imperial to fit your note cards!!!


Mel said...

OMG!!! You are one amazing woman! This is just gorgeous! I can't wait until you have the tutorial available so that I can make one! Thanks so much for sharing. Mel xx

craftieodamae said...

this is amazing!

Susanne said...

Oh, it is so beautiful! I really love it!
Greetings from sunny Germany

Dawn said...

Very calssy indeed, the blue ski just makes a perfect backdrop

Stevie said...

OMG This is just amazing. can't wait for the tutorial to ready. Stunning