Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Hi, I have been incommunicado for a few days and will be again tomorrow for a few days, I am staying at a friend's shack who has no mobile coverage or internet!!!

I have come back to find my web address stampinkins.com has been bought by someone else. I have received no renewal warning so have no idea how this happened so if you are linking to my site, please use http://stampinkins.blogspot.com/

Sorry for the confusion, I don't need this hassle right now!!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Note Card Box

So here is a sneak preview of my new project, an episode of Dr Who inspired this project believe it or not!

I find the hardest thing of all is giving it a catchy title so if you can think of something better, please let me know. It is a little box that holds the SU! Note Cards (101950, 20 cards $9.50, p131) beautifully, there is a section of the envelopes, a section for the cards and a section for pens, stamps, etc. This is one of my prototypes, I need to change the cantilever system slightly so that it opens more and makes the bottom section more accessible.

I have not had ab opportunity to actually design cards and fill the box properly yet as it is so hot of the design press but I will!!!

I have taken photos at each step so will be writing a tutorial soon. the tutorial will be available in metric measurements and for all this Americans & Canadians out there I will also do it in Imperial to fit your note cards!!!

Monday, 18 January 2010

All quiet on the Western Front...

I know, i know I am still as bad at blogging as I was, I shall have to pull my socks up!.

I have had an interesting few days though! It was so funny on Friday, there was great excitement in our house when a duck and her four tiny ducklings came marching down our drive. I have no idea where she came from, there are no large bodies of water in the vicinity and we are almost 300m up a hill. I suspect with the rains we had a few weeks ago a small dam filled locally but with the hot weather it has dried out so she was off to find a new home.

We were a bit worried about her as there are lots of cats in our neighbourhood as well as feral ones, her little ducklings would not stand a chance. We decided to call the RSPCA who came out to collect her but she flew away and left her ducklings behind. They were safe in a cage thankfully as our cat was hovering around. I was in tears and spent ages on the Internet finding out how to rear young ducklings. I was so happy to see the mother arrive back, the RSPCA officer left me all the stuff to catch her so I tried again and failed two more times. On the third attempt I managed to catch her by letting her ducklings go, I knew she would be more reluctant to fly off with them with her. Whilst catching her all her ducklings fell 15ft from a neighbours balcony. They all seemed fine except one who looked very bent and quiet. The good thing was he/she picked up and we rushed them down to the River Derwent where there is a huge duck colony/gathering (whatever they are called) and released them. it was so lovely to see them swimming around together. I just hope the other ducks accept them OK, I haven't dared go down to see her again in case she is not there or any of her ducklings aren't with her. It took the whole day to sort this but I felt in the end very happy that we had taken the time to save her as there really was no hope for them walking through the bush here.

The weekend was pretty non eventful, the usual birthday party for one or other of the boys, Nippers on Sunday and today a friend put the first layer of varnish on our little Sabot, one of four which will have to go on and sanding between, it will be a long tedious job! Whilst he was doing that i decided to sort out my tools and screws etc. I tend to have two or three largish containers around the place where any odd screws, left over bits from packets you buy where you need one thing and can only buy packs of three etc. it was a huge job as a two containers came over from the UK so they are 4 years old!! I steadily worked my way through it all, I was ruthless with somethings, spent hours sorting out sizes and lengths of screws, stashed them away in labelled drawers etc - a job well done! It was one of those jobs no one else will ever notice but I know it is done so it makes me feel better!

The sorting frenzy continued on in to this evening, I have had a huge box of paperwork waiting for filing so I did that too. It has been building for 6 months - arghhh! I also sorted out the kids filing areas, I threw away some f the work books etc that I had kept then now wonder why! I kept all their certificates and the drawings that I like the most. It was very cathartic!

In amongst all of this I have managed to create a new 3D project. so watch this space. I haven't had a chance to edit photos etc but keep checking in as I will post in the next couple of day!

I have finally had a chance to look at my official SU! website. I haven't been able to change much on it as yet and not sure exactly how much i can change, so if you read something that sounds very cheesy, the chances are I didn't write it! What I have done though is add all the dates for the this years stamp camps and classes that I do with Claire as the InkyDivas!

Check the site out HERE

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Not being Pushy!

I just want to apologise for the Tutoiral post below, I am not being pushy - honest. I am just getting oprganised. I had a button made for tutorials to sit on the top menu bar and just needed to create a page for it to direct to so from now on I can add any tutorials I do to a central place!

But if you would like to purhcase one....... ;) lol


Terms & Conditions

These projects have been designed by me and I have spent many hours designing the projects, photographing and putting instructions together. For this reason I would appreciate if you would follow the guidelines below.

  • If you purchase a tutorial please do not redistribute it. If you have friends, customers or colleagues that would also like to make the project that you direct them here to purchase the instructions. I have purposefully kept the prices low so that it is feasible for people to pay.
  • If you wish to teach these projects in a class that is fine but you will need to contact me to obtain permission to hand out instructions, I can provide a significant bulk buy discount if you would like to print of a number of copies for classes.
  • Please do not use these projects to enter competitions or for publication
By Purchasing any of these Tutorials you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions.

Delivery Information
  • The prices on here represent the cost for me to email you a pdf document of the tutorial. I can provide bound printed instruction but the cost will be greater and there will be a postage fee. Please contact me if you would like more information. The documents I send out do work, if you have problems opening them it could be that you do not have the latest adobe reader, this can be downloaded free from www.adobe.com, or there is an issue with your email provider. If you experience difficulties opening a tutorial then please do contact me and I will try and help you.
  • Payment Notifications arrive from PayPal by email to me, please bear in mind there may be a time difference from where you live to where I live and that it is impossible for me to be online 24/7.  I check my emails as regularly as I can (but not in the middle of my night!) and I aim to ensure that all tutorials are sent out within 48-72 hours of payment receipt, but this time may be longer, especially if I'm away or it's school holidays etc.  If you purchase a tutorial and think I have overlooked sending it out to you please do not hesitate to contact me. If you pay by eCheque please be aware there is a 3-5 day clearing time.

  • Mini Stationery Book
This is a mini version of my my bigger stationery book only rather than just having two sections to place cards it has 3.  It takes 7.5cm x 7.5cm cards (3") and will hold 6 of these, 2 in each section.  There is room to also store 6  Stampin' Up! mini square envelopes.

 At this stage the project is only available in metric measurements, it will be available shortly in inches.


  • Mini Stationery Book $6


  • Note Card Box
This project has been designed to hold Stampin' Up! Note Cards. There are 3 compartments. When you open the box there is a compartment in the lid and on the base of the box there are two connected compartments. the top one has a lid to open and the top one moves over to gain access to the lower one by means of a cantilever system.

NB. The Imperial version of this will be available shortly!


  • Note Card Box $7.50 (Aus)

  • Stationery Book

  • Stationery Book $6.00 (Aus)


  • Card Storage Tote

  • Cards Storage Tote Tutorial $8.50 (Aus)
In the comments box please state if you would prefer this tutorial in inches or centimetres. If you don't make a choice the default will be in centimetres.