Monday, 28 December 2009

Stationery Book

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas, it is funny how all the planning, preparation and stress is all over in such a short time!

I have spent some time today putting together a tutorial for a project I designed a couple of months back. It looks like a book but opens up to be a set of 8 cards, a beautiful gift to give to someone!

This was my 'prototype' one

This next one is the one I made so I could photograph the steps to make the tutorial. On this one I decided not to put sentiments on the cards, but instead, make it so each card had a space for a sentiment and then supplied a number of sentiments that were prestamped and punched and the reciprient of the gift could choose the sentiment they wanted.

If you would like to purchase a tutorial for this project you can, for just $6

You can pay by PAYPAL by following THIS link

Here are some others stationery Books made by people who purchased the tutorial

Crafty Squirrel 1
Crafty Squirrel 2
Stamp Happy Jackie
and her cards

If you would like to add a link to your Stationery Book, please mail me with it or mail me a photo and I can add it for you!