Wednesday, 16 September 2009

How slack have I been?!

Well this has to be a record in my bad blogging! It has been a difficult few weeks on many fronts! The good news is Pepper the puppy is better, she spent a few days in the vets on a drip, they decided she didn't have parvovirus and things began to improve. After a few days at home though the upset tummy reappeared although fortunately no blood present! I stopped her from swimming in the sea for a few weeks, fed both dogs chicken and rice for a week - boy they loved that and things seem on track again!

A couple of weeks back we had just got in doors, it was a windy day and as I put the shopping bags on the kitchen bench this huge gust of wind came. It was so Strong it actually picked up our huge, heavy BBQ and threw it across the garden and then roof tiles fell from the sky and smashed all over the place. I was standing in the kitchen with the kids looking at the back garden in shock, I then looked into the front garden, saw the boys soccer boots had blown across the lawn, went out to retrieve them only to see my car, tiles had blown off the roof at the front as well and landed on my car, the whole front end was dented and scratched the windshield was obliterated, tiles were smashed all over the drive and those that hit the lawn were deeply embedded. I felt physically sick because literally moments before that gust came the kids and I were taking shopping bags out of the car. Even now I feel positively ill when I think what could have been, if one of those tiles had hit us we would be dead, if you saw the damage they did to the car there is no way you would survive it if it hit your head or chest, if a tile had hit an adult's limb the tile would have smashed the limb for sure.

The damage to the roof was so extensive and as it was still very windy not much could be done that evening to fix it, even temporarily. The insurance company sent out a plasterer to make good (A plaster for goodness sake?!). Needless to say at 2am we were woken to water pouring in through the light fittings , window frames etc. A call to the insurance company stated nothing could be done until 8.30am when the hire shop opened to so they could hire some tarpaulins! Well excuse me, next time we have an emergency we will ensure it is in shop opening hours - grrr! As it turned out the dmage was just to huge for even tarpaulins to be used, some new tiles were purchased and jsut slotted in place until the job could be done properly.

Needless to say the last few weeks have involved coordinating the repairs. I haven;'t slept much as it has been so windy and I can hear the tiles miving on the roof! The carpet blower has caused the carpet to stretch so now we have to have the carpet refitted, that is happening this morning, I hope it is done well! The roof was properly repaired on Monday, just some pointing work to do, (I hope that means I can sleep better now!), the decorators arrive on Thursday to repaint the water damage, the BBQ and sun shades are being repaired/replaced on Thursday along with teh last of the insulation batons, the car is mostly repaired, just waiting for the sunroof to be looked at and some new trim to arrive for the inside where it was damaged by all the glass. It is a relief to see everything coming good, just my personal life that needs work but that is a whole other story!!!

I haven't had too much time for crafting as you can imagine, we are in the second week of the school holidays, the older boys took part in a four day sailing camp which they absolutely adored, they were naturals!!! then we headed up the East Coast for a few days although I came down with a hideous cold so it was not as fun as it should have been! My cold is drying up now but I am left with all the gunk which I am desperately trying to clear as I can feel it working down towards my chest and I really don't want a chest infection on top of everything else! This week I have been catching up on jobs around the house and I even tidied my craft area yesterday so I can get started on some projects!

So please do forgive me for being a Bad Blogger, I do have a good excuse!


Tracey said...

oopps, what a time you are having. I hope that by now things have all been sorted, repaired and replaced.


Treasure Queen said...

You poor thing! That was a close call.

And don't worry about the carpet, if it doesn't look great when restretched, they will replace it with brand new... you just have to ask.

Hope things are improving now and lots of time for stamping!