Saturday, 26 September 2009

Card StorageTote

No excuses for slackness, just accept I am bad!

In my absence I did design a little card storage tote, my colleague Claire and I were throwing some ideas together for a Stamp Camp, she mentioned some sort of card storage, we had some cardboard album covers and then inspiration hit me. I rushed off to make a prototype, made loads of mistakes some fortuitous, other most definitely not. I showed Claire, she loved it, went off and made one and I made another photographing every step so I could produce a finished tutorial.

It took me hours and hours and fine adjustments have been ongoing but I think perhaps now it is safe for the general public!

OK well my prototype is the one that is on the front of the Tutorial, it is the brown spotty one. If you get the tutorial you'll see that various things are off centre etc, these have since been corrected!!!

This is my second attempt and further fine tuning has occurred since then too, in fact this little tote now has corner embellishments!

My mum also had a go at making one and here is her fantastic effort.

Claire and I held one class together and yesterday I had two ladies for the day and they made one each. they all looked so gorgeous, I will have to share the pictures when they are sent to me!

So what does the tote do? It is for organising birthday anniversary cards. You can make the card in advance, list the special date on the calendar index card and check it periodically to see whose special date is coming up and send them the card you have already made. you could make all your cards for the year in the month of January as your New year Resolution! It is also the perfect gift for the person who is disorganised!

I will definitely be using mine as despite making a lot of cards no one in my family ever receives one, at least not on time, as I always forget!

The tote will hold C6 cards, a pen and there is even a pocket for stamps - how cute! It will take envelopes too, but they will stick out the top unless you fold them in half.

If you would like to have a go at making this little tote you can purchase full instructions with step-by-step photos and diagrams, plus a calendar template for just $8.50 (Aus).

I have move the Buy it Now button to this page


Susan Hogan said...

I made one with Linda, and it is quite easy to make but obviously takes time to make it properly. I have received lots of positive comments on mine, and have been asked it I will take orders (not as yet!) for one so it would be a popular gift! She is very clever, isn't she.

Firenze said...

Oh my word what a beautiful tote! TFS this lovely item.
Helen -- Firenze Cards