Thursday, 13 August 2009

So what do I miss about the UK?

There have been periods over the last 3 1/2 years when I have felt very distant from home, not a part of where I live now and very homesick. Most the time I am happy where ever I am, so long as I have my husband and kids with me I can make a home anywhere but it doesn't stop me pining for what I have left behind.

I love England, it is my homeland and I loved my life there but I totally understood that my husbands life was far from ideal with 5 hours commuting each day and not being there to see the kids get up in the morning or go to bed at night. Australia provides a much better family life for our family unit and it provides so many more opportunities for the children and it is beautiful, especially where we live here in the stunning state of Tasmania.

I am finally feeling part of the state, it has taken a long time as it is a close knit community. No one here is horrible, in fact everyone is very friendly but I think it is hard to break in to the community as although people will chat to you at baby groups, at school etc you never get invited over for coffee or out for a trip. It took me a long time to understand why but I know now, it is because many people have all their family near by, they have life long friends nearby etc, their lives are full, rich and busy and they don't realise yours isn't and that although they don't need your friendship, you need theirs - desperately! I found in the early months all my friends were from overseas, like myself, or were people who had moved in from another state.

Stampin' Up! has been fantastic for me as from being a demonstrator I have met so many people and people that share the same hobbies I do. I can walk around in town and actually bump in to people I know. When someone says "oh yes your a SU! demonstrator, I have heard of you" I feel really happy. I love the craft nights we have here as they are a real laugh and so many of my customers are now most definitely my friends. I now feel a lot more part of Tasmania than I did even 12 months ago.

Having said all that by the time we get back to visit England I wouldn't have set foot there for over 2 years and there is so much I miss

Things I miss....

  • The countryside, the amazing greens and lushness of everything. The higgledy-piggledy layouts of the villages, the old buildings.
  • The history, ruins, stately homes and estates, hedge rows, stone walls, horses, tractors and combine harvesters all going past my front door.
  • The morning bird chorus
  • The smells
  • The supermarkets, espceially Sainsbury's & Ocado Online!
  • Argos!
  • The familiarity, during a lifetime you pick up so many hints and tips about the country you live in, you understand the systems and how to achieve things, in a new country every single thing you do requires a steep learning curve.
  • Family
  • Friends, especially those I only saw a few times a year due to distance but when I did see them it was like we had always been together. In a new country you only have local friends and no one to go away and visit for a day.
  • My childhood, it is not easy for me to share my childhood with my children as I can't easily show them the places I used to live, visit, play at etc, I feel very removed from it.
  • English Marmite
  • McVities Jaffa Cakes
  • Jelly Tots
  • Galaxy Chocolate
  • Nice Cadbury's Chocolate
  • The relatively good driving!
  • Free Banking
  • Reasonable mobile phone deals
  • SKY Plus
  • Easy international travel
  • Foxes, badgers and hedgehogs
So it is only fair to say what I love about Australia

  • The patriotism, Australians are so proud of their country, I love that! England has lost it's identity. My kids sing the Australian national anthem with pride at school, they don't know the words to the English one as it was never sung at school as it was politically incorrect!
  • It is so beautiful in so many ways
  • I can afford to go sailing, a hobby I could never have had in the UK because of costs and location
  • The beaches and beach lifestyle (yes even here in cold Tassie!)
  • The intimacy of Hobart, you can live in a city without all the hustle and bustle!
  • The history of Tassie
  • The people!
  • My new friends!
  • The wildlife (except spiders, sharks & snakes!)
  • There is so much to see on a scale which is unimaginable to and Englishman!


Kylie Davies said...

Bless you Lynda.....I know exactly how you feel. Even after 11yrs living in the UK I still have those days where I want to be at 'home' and I know my Mum, after 39yrs in Tas still misses England. You should get together and have a day of reminicing about the 'mother country'!! Keep smiling Lynda

Kylie xx

Stampingcaz said...

aww you know if you ever need a marmite fix, or any of the other UK goodies just call on me and I will send some over!!


Lynda Moss said...

We are on our last big sqeezy jar of mimite - arghhh what shall I do - send in emergency

Lynda x

ps have you ever tried vegemite- it is euuuwwww!

Stampingcaz said...

Just shout Lynda and I mean it! :)

I can be your jelly tot and marmite dealer :)


Treasure Queen said...

I loved reading your post and agree SU has been great for friendships for everyone - on your list of what you miss in England I would mention; men in kilts, red buses, listening to all the accents and knowing what part of the country they are from! And yes, Tassie is a great place - had a little holiday there recently.
Jenny in Melbourne

Kylie Davies said...

Can't agree with you on the vegimite front.....lashings of butter and just a touch of vegimite on crumpets...mmmmmmmm!!