Monday, 3 August 2009

Life in general.....

I know I am bad, I haven't been good at creating these last days and I really wanted to WOW you with some goodies from the new catalogue. I have been trying to catch up a bit with jobs at home so crafting has taken a back seat. It is funny how we feel we have to earn our time to play but I guess in a busy family that is just the way it goes!

Of course there are all the trials and tribulations of family life that prevent you from allowing you creative juices to flow, for example.....

Our youngest son was kicked in the nose in March by an older boy. Apparently my 4yo son had his hands round this boys neck, I struggle to believe it as he has never done that before and unless this other boy is a contortionist I am not sure how he could have been grasped at the neck and still kicked my little boy in the nose, also it does not tie in with two other 'eyewitness' accounts! Look at me going in to 'mummy defence mode' The only trouble is that it caused major nosebleeds at the time. We even ended up in A&E as we could not stop it bleeding but 8hrs later at 2am he was asleep and the doctor didn't want to disturb him so told us to come back the next day despite being able to see the wound - I think not!!

Anyway since then he has had at least one bad nosebleed a week but usually more and in recent weeks it is 5-6 a week. I kept thinking that it would right itself eventually as we did have some 'good' weeks, but that has not been the case. He gets spontaneous bleeds and any slight knock to his nose causes a big bleed. The novelty has worn off for him, he now gets very distressed and so do I as it is horrid seeing him upset. I am fed up with carrying tissues around or having a mad panic when I don't have them. So today I took him to the doctor who didn't see anything so believes the injury is high up the nose so we now need to take him to a specialist at great financial cost. Ironically about 5 minutes of being out of the surgery his nose bled badly again despite the doctor being so gentle.

He has the appointment with the specialist in a couple of weeks, I suspect it will be quarterised but I wonder if it is too high up would he need a GA ( I have a bit of a thing about those as my step brother was brain damaged due to a mess up by an anaesthetist!). I am trying not to worry too much as I am sure it will all be very straight forward and it will be lovely for him and I not to be on constant nosebleed alert. I would love to hear any comments on people that have had treatments for nosebleeds - just positive tales!

On top of all that blood our Border Collie had to have an operation last week as she had a nasty infection on her foot. A grass seed had got in between her 'toes' and caused the infection. Fortunately they found it and were able to remove it. She came out with a very beautiful Pink Passion bandage which ultimately ended up looking more Close to Cocoa after a couple of days. The good news is it wasn't too expensive, she has recovered well and is off for her first walk in a week tomorrow. If you have ever spent time in a house with a 2 year old Border Collie who hasn't had a walk for a week you will understand the tension we have here, we are all being rounded up!

The third thing, there always has to be a third thing, is, our eldest son was sick in the early hours of Saturday morning. I am not good with sick at all, fortunately my husband cleared up the 'main' bit but I was left with the carpet to clean. I had a face cloth with Tea Tree on it over my face to stop me being sick as I desperately tried to get it all off. You have to bear in mind we have white carpets and he had pizza the night before!!! All I can say is Orange Power Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner is sooo worth the money and Bicarb of Soda is fantastic at removing smells - all is now good and most importantly he is well and it appears not to be the onset of Swine Flu!

No wonder I haven't been creating much this last week!!!

Lynda x


Zarna said...

My husband had his nose quarterised as a small kid (4 or 5) and even though it wasn't high up they did it under a general so he would be still and they wouldn't injure him in the process.
He doesn't have a damaged sense of smell or taste from it.
He came out of the anesthesia fine (although sometimes you might wonder lol) and because of his age he bounced back so fast that they apparently couldn't keep him quiet as long as they should have after the operation, he said it was like he had a nap, now he was awake and ready to play, didn't see why he had to sit still...

Hope this week is less stressful and you can find some time to craft :)

Stamping Moments said...

Hi Lydna, Wow! What a week, Fingers crossed for a better one this week, Hugs Jenny x

Need More Time to Craft said...

Hi Lynda, Been quite a week for you hasn't it. Hope yours sons nose is soon sorted out and things start to get better for you all.
Carole x

Lynda Moss said...

Hi Zarna, thanks for the positive story! he has had a couple of nosebleeds since so I am hoping that something is done and I do know that most of the time things go well with a GA, just once you ahve been involved in the wrong side of the statitistics you feel you always will be! he may not need one!

Thanks again!

Lynda Moss said...

Jenni and Carole thanks for the kind thoughts!

and thansk to others who emailed me!

Lynda x

Rachel said...

Hi Lynda, what a week - I am with you on the sickie bit - blurgh...I have thrown cheaper rugs out before as I couldn't face cleaning them. My Littley used to up chuck whole feeds - projectile so I have been wall washing as well (Can't chuck them out)

Hope things are starting to look up now