Thursday, 13 August 2009

Another one of those weeks!

It must be the time of year! The weather here has been atrocious, it has been like living back in the UK, non stop rain , cloud, dampness and gray! This afternoon is the first time in literally days when it hasn't rained. Tomorrows forecast is OK but after that it is more rain - oh joy!

Our little man has been off school all week, he was sick throughout Saturday night and has not been right since. He hasn't had an overly high temperature but he has just been out of sorts, very lethargic, no appetite and today he seems to have pulled a muscle in his groin and is struggling to walk- poor little thing is very sorry for himself!

We have made some bread this morning and then made some cup cakes, he managed to eat 2 of those! As you can see he enjoyed decorating them,

and was very proud.

Our poor little puppy is also poorly, she is currently at the vets in their equivalent of Intensive Care. She had haemorrhagic diarrhea and initially they thought she had contracted Parvovirus despite being immunised but now they just think it is 'a' virus. the earliest she will be back with us is Saturday morning. We are hoping when they introduce water and food to her today she is able to cope with it.

this was her last week at the beach.

Get better soon my little one!

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