Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Suffering...sympathy needed!

Well I am still suffering from the dreadful lurgy! I think I have reached my peak of 'unwellness' so hopefully after today I will start to feel better although I have a horrid feeling this little cold is going to stay on chest for a bit!

I have tried to be all normal with it but with school holidays here and only half way through them (3 weeks they will have!) my patience was running a little thin yesterday. I shouldn't expect the kids to understand but I do, I want them to know that when I feel unwell, I feel as bad as the do when they are yet I still have to do everything and no one asks me how I am!! There was a too much bickering yesterday and every time they called me they would say 'mum; 5 times without a break and as I explained, perhaps if they say it once and wait for more than a micro second I may actually be able to answer them. I am beginning to think my name is not 'mum', but 'mum-mum-mum-mum-mum-mum'!!!

Of course things were a little more demanding than that as the two older boys found the knitting they started a year or two back and wanted to re-acquaint themselves with the process. So over the last two days I was teaching them again and after each row I am presented with their knitting to 'fix up'. So no matter where I am or what I am doing I have to stop to help. I have been very gracious about it as they have worked so hard on it but it has been very tiring!!!

I have a few birthday cards to make today so I shall have to do some crafting but I have not done anything recently. The boys also need to make some cards so it will be chaos in the craft room today, (*mental note to self* keep calm!)

I have however got a project I made a few weeks ago to share with you. I have intended to do a tutorial for it before posting but I didn't get around to it, that extra 2 hours a day just never materialised!! Anyhow, the intention is for me to do one but don't hold your breath! I will do some photo editing in a little, resizing etc and put up a post in a while!

I will also share my new punch storage with you!


Susan said...

Poor Lynda- hope you are feeling better soon. Weather today cannot have helped the situation! Hope the chaos was worth it.

Ann Wills said...

Oh dear, sorry that the you are not feeling better yet. The problem is Lynda, I think, is that your are a good Mum and the boys just take it for granted. Not unusual.