Thursday, 4 June 2009

A little box...

OK, so I didn't deliver on my promise to post pictures of a little box I made, i really didn't feel up to it, I didn't even let the kids make cards either, i just felt too yukky! Instead I took them to the cinema, they watched A Night at the Museum 2, so I had a couple of hours of just sitting and sniffing!

The good news is I feel a lot brighter today! The weather is horrendous, it is rain, rain and more rain so a day inside for all. The two older boys have been great, kept themselves occupied so far and kept their rooms tidy. the little one, on the other hand has been very occupied in messing up his room! they have all made their birthday cards for their Uncle over in the UK so we can get them posted soon, and then in a few days they will need to make cards for their dad!

I have had a lazy morning on the whole but the dogs have kept me on my toes. The silly animals will not take shelter when it rains, they sit outside getting wet and muddy and look forlorn which is just madness when they have an under cover area with beds and a lovey cosy kennel - I thought Border Collies were meant to be smart?!! Perhaps the Cocker Spaniel is teaching it bad habits!! the issue is every time they come in I have to towel them off and wash the floor - arghhh!

I also managed to tidy my desk a little which was looking somewhat like a disaster zone! So now I am ready to share my creations!!

Now this title box is as far as I know unique, I don't think I have seen anyone else do one like this but having said that, nothing in crafting is truly unique as two people can come up with exactly the same thing totally independently which is why it makes me laugh when people copyright their card layouts etc. How do they know they were the first person to ever think of that and what right has someone to copyright how you arrange bits of card on a scrapbook or card - beggars belief really!

As far as I know this was something I thought up independently but I am almost 100% sure that someone else would have come up with it to, so there is no copyright on this I happy to share it with all and will of course accept the tremendous accolades it (wink)

So after all that build up, it is not really that exciting anyway and will be much better with the instructions, which I will post soon enough!

So here it is!

The box is made up using card cut out with the Petal Card Sizzix Bigz Die.

In brief I cut four of them out. on two of these I cut off two, opposite 'petals'. I then stuck the four of them together in a cube, using the petals as tabs. The four petals that were on the bottom folded in the same way the petal card fold and were stuck together and the lid closes in the same way!

To make it sturdier I adhered a square piece of card in the bottom of the box to hold the base petals in position. It really is a sturdy little thing!

Now all these instructions will become clear, I just need to write the tutorial!!!

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Alex said...

WOW: I love this box idea using the Petal die. Can't wait for the instructions.

Thanks for sharing.

Alex from England x