Monday, 1 June 2009

June/July Promotion

OOh this is a good one.

To all of you out there thinking of hosting a workshop now is a good time to do it! For the months of June and July if your workshop takes in orders (pre shipping and handling) of $600 on top of the amazing hostess benefits you usually get you get an extra $40 to spend on whatever you like from the current catalogue!

For example, for a $600 workshop you will receive
  • A free Idea Book & Catalogue
  • The choice of any one of the level 1 or level 2 hostess stamp set (p17-21 incl)
  • $110 w0rth of merchandise from the current Idea Book & Catalogue

On top of those benefits at any workshop the hostess gets to keep all of the projects I demonstrate on the day and each workshop guest has the opportunity to create a project themselves.

All you need to do is invite some people over, provide some light refreshments or ask guests to bring a plate to share and have some space for everyone to sit so they watch the demo and have a go at a project.

Are you worried about holding a workshop? Well don't be they are great fun!

Things you may worry about
  • I don't have enough room - well I will happily open up my home for your workshop, you just need to provide the guests, the snacks and the refreshments!
  • I have enough room but I don't have enough tables and chairs - don't worry I can bring a table and some seating
  • Nobody will order anything - I do not go in for the hard sell but obviously it is advantageous for both the demonstrator and hostess to take orders on the day. The best way to achieve this is choose people who already have an interest in crafts or who think it is something they would like to try and are open minded. You only need $300 of orders to qualify for hostess benefits!
  • Nobody will come - as the hostess if you choose your guests carefully, invite more than you expect to come and if you phone them a few days before the workshop to remind them and then again on the day then the attendance will be better. people live busy lives and 'forgetting' is an inevitable part of that life and reminders are always good! As a hostess you will receive a pack that includes invitations and some paperwork which will aid you in planning your workshop.
I see it as my job as the demonstrator to make sure the projects I demonstrate are simple enough that your guests are not overawed but have enough 'wow' factor for them to want to try it themselves! I will speak with you a few times before the day and tailor the workshop to suit your individual tastes. If you and your friends are experienced crafters I can 'up' the difficulty level or you can elect to do a workshop where each guests pays a fee in advance and it becomes more of a class and you still benefit from the hostess gifts.

There are a number of different ways of hosting a workshop which are outlined HERE in this post!

If you live in Southern Tasmania and would like to host a workshop them please do

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