Monday, 15 June 2009

I'm soo sorry!

I thought

school holidays = plenty of time to blog

I was so wrong! It is true, the days seem so much longer without being cut in half with school pick-up and after school activities but the days are full!!!

I have had little chance to craft in the stamp and ink way although I have been keeping myself busy with knitting! I used to do it a lot and then stopped for a while, it is something I go through periods of being a really Knitting Nanny to nothing at all.

It was all started by my eldest son growing out of his favourite top which is a knitted cardigan with a zip front, I couldn't find another one like it so he had a look at a few patterns and chose one he liked. So far I have knitted the back, the two siedes and half a sleeve, just 1 1/2 sleeves to go, a hood, make it up and work out how to put a zip on it as the pattern he chose has buttons - arghhh! It is lovely and soft though as it is made of baby angora wool (I know a bloomin' nightmare' to wash!)

Of course the other boys have now requested various jumpers, scarfs etc that they want but we shall see how this goes I think!!

I am missing my stamping so rest assured I shall be back soon!

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