Friday, 15 May 2009

I am so lucky with where I live. I loved where I lived in England, it was just perfect so I was really worried when we came out to Aus that things would not be as lovely, but it is, although in a very different way. I have to say I feel very homesick at this time of year. I love an English spring, the smells, sounds, the grass that is so green that you cannot believe it can be real. Here we are heading in to winter but unlike the English winter there is nothing to look forward to, no Bonfire Night, no Christmas and no New Year, just months of cold weather. I have to say though that it is never as cold as an English winter!

I live just outside of Hobart in Tasmania, the island state of Australia. "Mainland' Australians often sneer at Tasmania, they want to know why people live there, if everyone has two heads and why it is so backward. It is all nonsense really, Tasmania is unusual in some respects but it is beautiful. In fact the less people that think it is wonderful the better really, as it keeps everyone away and we don't have to share!

I took the dogs out for their walk this morning, I went to a beach nearby that is put aside for dogs and their owners. It is just the most beautiful beach, it has a huge sand area, bush backing on to it,. little outcrops of rocks, rock pools and an estuary. This morning it was very cold and very windy, there was a beautiful rainbow and it was absolutely throwing it down but it was still just so perfect. I sat on a rock and just thought how lucky I was to be here.

This is a picture I took this morning at the start of our walk

and here is a picture near a little rock outcrop I was sat on, it is out two dogs playing in the water, we have a 20 month old Border Collie and a little Cocker Spaniel puppy.

Just recently the weather has caused the sand to be washed away, usually the dead tree at the back is totally covered in sand but it is visible now which has pleased my youngest son as for some reason he thinks it is his "Space Cafe'!! Eventually the sand will return and hide it again until next year!

Ok, well I shall get back to the business in hand and take some pictures of cards I have recently made!


Kate Lewis said...

Hi Lynda, Thank you so much for sharing this - I'd love to go to Tas, it sounds so beautiful. What a stunning beach - you're very lucky! Have a lovely weekend, Kate xx

Kylie Davies said...

Hi Lynda
As a born and bred Taswegian (is that right??) I wanted to say I totally agree with your thoughts and feelings on my wonderful island home!! It is so nice to hear someone appreciate the absolute stunning beauty of a really magical place.....thanks
Kylie x

Ann Wills said...

Hi Lynda, although it irks me to say it as I obviously miss you all, I can understand exactly where you are coming from. Tasmania is very underestimated by folks. It is beautiful, the beaches are gorgeous, the people are nice. It has a beauty very different from the UK but a beauty in a class of its own.