Sunday, 19 April 2009

Tidying Up!

Well I spent some of yesterday and some of today tidying craft areas! I didn't tackle my huge 'cube' storage as by the nature of it being all open it always looks untidy even when it's organised but I tidied my desk and all the piles and boxes of things I wasn't quite sure what to do with!

It feels so much nicer, I just wish we were in the position to to completely fit out the office with bespoke furniture so it wasn't so thrown together but there are more essential jobs that need to be done!

This first picture is a general view of my desk

On the left of the picture, under my desk I have two filing cabinets that hold my SU! card stock.

To the right is my stamp storage area, that is soon to be replaced with some bookcases so they are not all stacked up on each other (drives me mad when you grab one and they all fall out!), on top of that I keep my Big Shot and some storage racks for my 12x12 papers and card stock.

The pink bag on the right is my most useful thing it is a really good craft tote (it was better before the dog ate one of the handles!). I keep everything I need in there for basic crafting, it has a full set of stamping spots, other inks, just everything, In fact I may do a separate post on that!

My main computer is a laptop which is attached to second screen which is fab as I can have so many windows open at once. I have a load of wooden drawer units from Ikea which I covered with some retired DSP. I keep meaning to label them but never get round to it. these hold things like inks, embossing powders, adhesives, dry embossing plates, watercolour pencils, gel pens, cellophane bags, foam pads etc

Right in front of where I sit I keep all my SU! bits, I have all the inks, ribbons, brads, daubers, sponges, markers as well as my catalogue, calculator and Stamp Index folder. Of course all the card stock is to hand in the filing cabinets to my left.

My punches are stored in a shoe holder that goes on the back of the door, I am off to Melbourne Ikea next week and intend to get so rails to put them on.

I have taken pictures of my punch storage and card stock organisation before so I shall just link to those rather than reinvent the wheel.

I wonder how long before it is all messed up again?!



Linda your space is just gorgeous! LOve it!!!

Ann Wills said...

Can't believe it is the same room, it looks brilliant, much more light.

Rosie said...

Looks great Linda! I'm curious about what you're using to store your inkpads?

Lynda Moss said...

Rosie I got the ink storage from a store called, the manufacturer of them is a company called CraftLockers, but they are very hard to find now. I have left a lengthier post on ILWS which suggest a possible alternative.