Friday, 17 April 2009


Well all my regular visitors will notice that the site has had a major facelift!

With the services of Emily, (Aka The Blog Fairy) a new background and tags etc have been deisgned. I gave her a fairly limited brief of what I wanted (or probably more what I didn't want!) and the first thing she came up with I loved, so here it is all shiny and new and I still love it!

I have been a bit negelectful of the blog of late and there is a lot of 'housework' to be done, but I shall be spurred in to action - once the kids go back to school!

So a big thanks to The Blog Fairy and I hope you all like it too, do leave a comment with your thoughts on it!


Mae Collins said...

Love the blog facelift Lynda! It is very effective.

Ann Wills said...

Yep Lynda, very you, like it a lot