Saturday, 14 March 2009


Well I have been terribly slack and have not posted about rewards that have been given to me.

I am always honoured to receive them but also am at a complete loss as to what to do with them. I know some people have a page for their awards or put them down one of their tool bars but I never really know what to do with them, so I shall add this post and refer back to it as and when (or indeed 'if') I get any more! I am not sure if it seems as if one is bragging but after much thought I believe not. So many other peoples' blogs inspire me and I am pleased that mine inspires some others too so it is not about bragging it is about Creating, Inspiring & Sharing!

Ok, so these are the ones I have been given relatively recently

1) From Ann Wills (Crafty Squirrel)

2) From Claire Harrison (Ink Inclinations)

3) From Alex Hau (Hau To Craft)

I believe the rules are pretty similar for them all, I need to give several other 'bloggers' these awards and let them know and I will link to their sites.

now as I have left it so long (I am so naughty!) I shall need to think whether to offer the same websites both types of award or go for different ones for each, you'll have to leave this with me for a while!

So I would like to thank Ann, Claire and Alex very much for thinking of me and I would like to apologise to them for being so darn slow at doing anything about them!


Alex said...

Glad you received your award okay :) Hope you've had a good weekend.

Alex from England x

Lynda Moss said...

How slack am I leaving it this long! I am such a dizzy at times it is embarrassing!

I shall complete the task in due course - you cannot rush these thing you

Lynda x