Saturday, 3 January 2009

I'm back...

Well it is most definitely a case of Long Time No Blog isn't it?!

Well as is often the case, Christmas, School Holidays etc mean that I have precious little time to get on and play with my craft stash and be online. We have also had some pretty good weather so we have been out in the garden tidying up! We have lived in this house for 2 1/2 years but until a few weeks ago we were merely tenants, now we are owners (the truth being is the bank owns it and kindly lets us stay here and call it our own so long as we keep paying them huge amounts of cash!!).

Needless to say the house is looking a bit tired and needs some work and the garden is looking the worst, well that is is was but now it is better. The problem we face is we live on a very steep hill, we are luck and have one of the flattest blocks on the estate but half of our garden is still a rock face - literally! To plant anything on it we need to use a pick axe to dig a hole whilst balancing precariously on a retaining wall we have at the base of the rock face! It sure is an adventure and a steep learning curve as a gardener I am not (saw a psychic once who said lots of things that have come true but she also said I would one day have an award winning garden - well my husband fell of his chair when I told him that but you never now eh?!)

Also this is the best place to be at this time of the year, soon after Chriostmas the Sydney-Hobart yachts all came in , we missed Wild Oats coming in to win but saw Skandia coming in, such amazing yachts, the best part of 100ft long and masts in excess of 120ft - incredible. In my eyes the true heroes of that race are those that come in on much smaller yachts, they are not professional crew, they go without sleep for days on end (there race can be 5+ days not just 2), they are self funded, no fancy sponsors or equipment - they are the true winners!

Not only do we have the excitement of that we have the taste of Tasmania festival which is a fun way to try out lots of Tasmanian produce and cooking, see some street entertainment , there is a real buzz around and it is great fun. We spent the whole day there on Thursday and even the kids, despite intitial reserves, had a really good day.

Yesterday the company my husband works for are part sponsors for some races of the Derwent Sailing Squadron, as sponsors we had some spaces on one of the marker boats for the King of the Derwent race. it is a shame that some of the bigger boats don;t hang around to join in this race, it is good fun. The weather was very changeable yesterday to say the least but it was a good race, once they went round our mark they put up their spinnaker sales which were so cool. some are rather garish colours but it all adds to the overall look. once the last boat went round our mark we followed them in to the thick of it and had a really good time. I took a friend of mine and left her 3 kids and my 3 kids with my husband for 9 hours in total - he did a great job!

In that time I have had small amounts of 'paly' time and have created a few things, but none I really like so I may save them for another time, in the mean time I shall stop this post here and start a new post explaing the latest promotion - it's a good one!

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