Sunday, 14 December 2008

Prisma Colours

Good evening!

Christmas is approaching fast and I don't seem to be getting very organised, we haven't even got our decorations up yet. I am kind of dreading it to be honest, the cat managed to destroy a large number of baubles last year and now we have a very naughty Border Collie and a 12 week old Cocker Spaniel to add in to the equation, I cannot even imagine how chaotic it will be, the tree will have no chance!

I am now going to put thoughts of Christmas aside and share with you some colouring in, I cannot believe I am as old as I am and I still love to colour in! Now many moons ago my mum bought me a pack of Prisma colour pencils. I put them aside and totally forgot to pick them up again until the other week. I go myself some blending stumps and some odourless mineral spiirit and away I went.

I have to say I love the effect you get, the fact you have the ease of colouring with pencils, with the spirit you have the movement and blending power of water colouring yet you still get to keep the intense colour, there is no dilution.

I coloured in loads of pictures a couple of weeks back but have misplaced them, I can only find a couple now, this one here is of boat from Boatloads of Love. Now none of these ones are my 'best' ones, I wish I knew where they were but alas I don't.

Now again these little birds are most definitely not my best work, but what they do show is that the blending of these pencils can be seemless and the other good thing is the card stock does not get wet so is less likely to breakdown as it can when you use watercolour pencils. It really means you can use just ordinary card stock instead of the more expensive watercolour paper if you are not confident with a paintbrush or aquapainter.

The downsides of these pencils is that they are incredibly expensive, the mineral sprirt is a poison so I can't leave it lying about in case the kids get it (also means they can't use them) and as the leads are very soft, like oil pastels, they are notoriously hard to sharpen and will often break during the process. For the above reasons I think for the most part I will stick with the SU! watercolour pencils and an aquapainter - totally safe and easy to take anywhere you go and the kids can use them!

I love to experiment with the different mediums, there are so many ways to colour in the SU! products that on the whole that keeps me busy enough but I do like to spread my wings occassionally. In the next post I will share some Copic Marker colouring which I just adore but am very much a beginner.

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