Thursday, 11 December 2008

Dauber Storage....

Second day of the school summer holidays today, it is such bliss not having to get up in the morning and be anywhere, no lunches to make etc etc! 9 weeks of this, I have a feeling the novelty factor will run out soon when replaced by the constant bickering and tell tale-ing that is almost definitely going to go on!

I had a lazy morning this morning and have spent the rest of the day doing housework and sorting.

I decided to do some sorting in my office as it is a huge mess (it always is!). A while back I decided it would be good to have a sponge dauber (you know those things that go on the end of your finger) for each colour as I am always messing up images because the ones I have are used for any colour and are a little past their best. So I bought enough new ones to cover the 4 main colour families and searched for a container that would suit my needs. I have to say that was not an easy task and many containers were looked at and bought only to be given to my sons' for their various 'collections'.

The best one I found was in the bargain store we have here called 'Chickenfeed'. it was $9.99 which in my opinion is steep for Chickenfeed but actually it a very reasonable price to pay for this storage.

It is split into six sections and each of these sections has a stack of 5 circular jars. I removed these as they are currently surplus to requirements, I have no doubt they will be useful for something, I just don't know what yet!

12 daubers fit either standing up or lying down in two layers in four of the six sections. The middle two are slightly smaller to make way for the catch so only 10 will fit in each of these.

So here it is,

This first picture is the top of the box, I used some DSP from the Summer Picnic range which was available in the Spring Mini and I used a retired alphabet stamp called Whimsical Alphabet to make up the word 'daubers' ('dauber' is one of those words that makes me smile when I say it, it is such a funny word!).

This is just placed inside the lid and some white copy paper has been stuck to the back of it and lists all the colours and their positions.

You can see from the picture that I have currently left the mini jars in the middle sections. I am going to use these sections ultimately for the neutrals and In Colours, I just haven't got the daubers.... *giggle* ....for those yet.

Just to be totally anal I have also labelled each and every dauber..... "giggle".....

I know, was it really worth all the time and effort? I think it will be in the long run, I wouldn't use them at a workshop, these are for my use only. I shall keep the handful in my craft bag for going out and about and workshops but this is perfect for use at home, it doesn't take up much space at all and makes me feel better!


Martyn Munro said...

Hi there Lynda
I now do not feel so anal myself!
I have also done the same thing as you have with the daubers. I thought it would be much easier if I had a dauber for each colour. I also thought this would help Martyn when demoing as he wouldn't have faff around trying to find a dauber that kind of matched the col he wanted to use on a project.
But I am the same I think that these ones will be the ones we use & will have a seperate little stash for the customers to use. Especially as we are plannng a Kids Club for over the holidays (well I did say trying).. It will give parents a bit of a break & give us tie to have some fun with kids. Havn't fully worked out all the details yet.
The container you have the daubers stored in looks perfect!! At the moment I have them in two of the containers that the incentive stamps come in. But as there is not enough room in one container (which is a real pain) we have to use two. So I think Martyn will have to go for a trip to Chickenfeed to see if they still have the containers that you have used. (Thanks for the container idea). I was like you looking for just the right container but just couldnt find the right one. So thats when I decided to use the empty incentive containers.
By the way all your work is FANTASTIC!! Your Blog is very imformative & the things you make are just AMAZING. Thankyou so much for sharing it with everyone. We are tying to update our blog so that it can be more me & mart friendly as at the moment it just seems to put things whereever it pleases!! So that is one of the jobs over the next few weeks.
Once again thankyou so much for sharing your creations with us all.
Take Care & Keep Safe
Michelle & Martyn Munro
Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator

Judy C said...

Hi Lynda,
What a great idea for storing the daubers! I've been pondering on that problem for a while. Thanks for sharing.
Cheers, Judy