Thursday, 27 November 2008

Stampin' Up! Pretties kit and DSP

I had some free merchandise coming my way and as I have almost everything I want from the current IB&C I decided to get myself the pretties kit. Before i had overlooked it as I am not a 'pretties' kinda person but now I have it, i have been kicking myself at how silly i was not to get it before!

I have found loads of uses for just about everything in there but I have to admit to being pretty stumped by the hat pins until I had an inspiration. Well, actually I cannot believe that I invented this as I am just not that clever, I must have seen it somewhere, catalogued it in my little brain and not it has just popped OS if this is your little baby then please do leave a comment and take the credit.

I have to admit though that I think the reality is very few people actually 'invent' an idea totally, I know people can work independently and come up with the exact same idea. project or technique. For this reason I am somewhat flummoxed how people can copyright a card sketch or page layout as there is no truly original one I would have thought - oh well just me thinking out loud!

Anyway, once again i am rambling (that is what sleep deprivation will do to you!)

now this little Christmas decoration I am going to make is sooo simple and soo quick, it will take you just minutes to make it.

This is the equipment you need, Scallop Punch, Hat pin and some bling from the Pretties Kit, Tombow adhesive, bone folder.

Simply punch out six scallops from your DSP (I have used Bali Breeze here from the new Summer Mini) and simply fold them in half and press over them with the bone folder to get a firm crease

Layer them one on top of each other and adhere together with the Tombow Mono Multi (again from the new mini).

The all you do is put a crystal bead on the hatpin, place the hatpin down the 'spine' of your scallop pile and bring the back of the bottom scallop round to the top of the top scallop and adhere. I then placed a little metal bead and another crystal bead to the hat pin, fitted the end on it 'eh voila'!

Just add something to hang the decoration up with and you are done - too easy!

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