Thursday, 20 November 2008

Stampin' Up! Christmas List Registry

Ok, so how many of you have browsed the catalogues and have created a wishlist as long as your arm and would love to get some of it for Christmas, but like me, you are kind of fed up with buying your own presents?

Well here is the solution, just 2 easy steps.....

  1. Register your wish list with me, I will store it with your name.
  2. Pass on my email address (or email me to get my phone number) to family, friends - significant others etc and ask them to mail/call me and I can help them to choose you a little something to open on Christmas day. The good thing about this is both you know and tehy know you will love it!
To ensure I can get all the orders out before Christmas the cut off date for this is Wednesday 10th December.

So don't dally - get everyone organised and start ticking off those items on your Stampin' Up! Wish List!

Remember, so long as the delivery postal address is in Australia I can take the order, payment can be processed by bank transfer, cheque (chqs must clear before order is fully processed), I can also accept any credit card payment via PayPal without the person requiring a PayPal account, they simply need an email address.

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