Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Ok, so now I am on a roll!

Actually am cheating now as these projects I made all the way back in September and never quite managed to get photographed etc.

I was given this idea when i visited Melbourne a few months back, i saw these quirky little book marks which were so ridiculously simple yet effective. The person selling them made his life even easier by simply putting a sticker on them for decoration, but you can guess it, I went one step further and stamped! This is just the beginning I can see!

These ones I have made for a friend, she has her own cafe and is often leafing through cookbooks so I instantly knew she needed some book marks and these should be made from the Tart'n'Tangy set from the current Spring Mini (I love this set!).

I made five in total and have attached them to a piece of black card stock so you can see them clearly.

They just fit snugly over the page and unlike the paperclip bookmarks they don't crease the page at all and due to some little magnets they won;t slip out either unlike a standard bookmark - good news!

here is a close up of one of them

I have used Crystal Effects on the pieces of fruit to life them up a bit and make them a little more mouthwatering!

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