Thursday, 6 November 2008

Look what we got!

Just a few months back we took on a 12 month old Border Collie, she is the most adorable (adorb-a-ball' as my 4 yo says!) thing, she is naughty but just such a softy and she has fitted perfectly in to our family. As we always had at least 2 dogs in the UK it was lovely to finally get a dog here as it feels more like a home.

It took Ziggi, the cat, a little time to accept our new addition but now he is OK about it, there is no denying he would rather the dog just disappeared but I think in time there will be a little fondness between them! Anyway Gem is a very active dog, as all Border Collies are and one of the reasons she is so naughty is boredom so we decided to get her a playmate and here she is.

This is the latest addition to our family, following on with the theme that all our animals have to be black and white I would like to introduce you to Pepper, the 7 week old Cocker Spaniel puppy!

She is very black so very hard to take a picture of, but believe me when I tell you she is so darn cute and so tiny! I put a toilet roll next to her so you can gauge the size.

My youngest son came up with the name Pepper, of all the names it is the one everyone liked the most and it is quite sweet so it has stuck. She already responds to it - awww! Gem isn't quite sure what to make of her. She is desperately trying to get Pepper to play but Gem is a little heavy pawed and we have to keep an eye on her. The funny thing is that Pepper can hold her own and will give a yap at Gem when she has had enough. I think they will be great friends!


Valerie said...

So cute. I have enjoyed my visit to your blog.

Sarah said...

OH My Gosh Lynda!!!!

What are your plans for the weekend birthday girl?

Lynda Moss said...

Hi Valerie,

thanks for stopping by, I am pleased you enjoyed your visit, be sure to come back!

Lynda x

Lynda Moss said...

Hi Sarah,

how are you doing?! Not much planned for the w/e, at a neighbours house on Saturday night for a girlie movie thing and then lunch with hubby and kids on the Sunday - nice and relaxing hopefully.

Lynda x

kristy said...

sooo cute, I want one.....

Stampingcaz said...

Oh my word.... too cute!!