Sunday, 2 November 2008

How Exciting!

I really have to stop reading my own blog, I keep reading the post I wrote a few days ago for my little Thomas and it makes me cry! That poem does it to me every time, I think especially the bit where it says "we had no voice to call you mum' as that is one of the things I hated the most, the total silence of it all. To all those that left comments, emailed me, texted me etc thanks so much for your support.

Well we are in November now, just Thomas' funeral date to get through now which sadly coincides with my mum and step-dads wedding anniversary and my step-dads birthday (I was not in a good place when we organised the funeral date!).

November brings good news for Stampin' Up! customers, we have a couple of fantastic offers starting on the 10th November. If you like markers and rub-0ns you'll be in for a treat.

Don't forget too that the current mini catalogue finishes at the end of this month so if there is something in there you have been wondering whether to get or not you need to make that decision fast!!!

I have been lucky enough tor receive a copy of the new Summer Mini from which I have been allowed to pre-order, so once my stash arrives I can start posting some pictures of my new creations to tempt you all (the good news is all these stamps are die cut too!!).

The Ribbon Offer is ongoing and will be added to as and when I take possession of all the ribbons myself!

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Ann Wills said...

So sorry Lynda, I can remember so clearly standing and trying to read that beautiful poem out. I could not remember it very well so it was nice to read it again, yep, it does bring tears to the eye.