Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Secret Card Tutorial

1) Cut a piece of card stock to 10" x 6" and score along the 10" side at 2.5", 5". 7.5"

2) Then fold at the score lines in a concertina fashion. You will end up with a 'W' shape

3) Open the card up and then fold in half. 2" from the top and 2" from the bottom (these don;t have to be exact measurements) cut from thecentre fold to the crease.

4) Out of a contrasting card stock cut two strips 2 7/16" x 6". You may wish to use a paler colour or this as you will stamp on this.

5) Open the card out fully and then weave the two card strips through the slits you have made.

6) This is the basis of your card. When you first open the card this is the part you will see.

7) To see the 'secret' part you hold the middle section together and pull the central card tab in the opposite direction to either the top or the bottom one

8) You will then see the internal 'secret' pages. To reset the card back just pull the edges outwards.

9) Flip your secret card over so it makes an 'M' shape and stic some sticky strip to the two ends

10) Cut two pieces of card stock to 4' x 6". and stick these on so that the edge lines up with the fold line.

11) Flip the card over again and now it is the right way round. If you look carefully you can see there is a line where the two card layers overlap eachother, you can disguise this line by adding a strip of contrasting cardstock and making a feature of it.

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