Monday, 8 September 2008

Good morning!

Well the other day when I made the last post I had every intention of sharing some of the projects made at our Christmas Stamp Camp a little over a week ago but my pooter had different ideas. It has now been reinstalled and I shall try again in a bit!

I cannot believe it but after having had about 3 days of feeling well last week I was struck down with another virus thing, it started on Friday with a very sore throat and when I woke up on Saturday I had NO voice whatsoever, just a few little squeaks! it was quite embarrassing really as I was taking the boys motorcrossing that day and it was the first time I was meeting people and all I could do was sound like a teenage boy whose voice was about to break!

I am glad to say by Sunday it was back mostly although if I try to raise it for any reason it just disappears! My youngest also has it and of course is totally hideous with it, he has spent the last hour and a half screaming and crying because we won't let him have a fizzy drink for breakfast! The only fizzy drink we have is a remnant from weeks ago as we never have it in the house, this is so old that absolutely no fizz is in it at all. What he doesn't know is whilst he was screaming I threw it away so he definitely can't have it now! My husband also has a very mild cold but as you can imagine it is so much worse than mine and he is moaning about it constantly, it is obviously a real 'man cold ' (check out that link - it is hilarious!). The house has not been a happy house this morning, especailly as I told the boys to tidy up their Jenga blocks yesterday - they didn't and now the dog has eaten one of them - arghhhhh!

Anyway, onwards and upwards!

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Tasha Hickert said...

So sorry to hear about all the sickness. I know it's really a drag but hopefully since I am reading this later, you have all moved on!