Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Form and Function!

I have well and truly been absent from any serious blogging for far too long, I think since earlier this year. I blame my trip to the UK and working so hard which made me ill for a long time and then more recently a 20ft container full of all our stuff from the UK was delivered to our door and I had to find room for it all (this is an ongoing process!). You can imagine having lived without it for over two years you could kind of just chuck it all out but it is all the sentimental stuff,. letters and toys from my younger days, my old teddy bears, photos of the kids etc.

It has kept me busy for the last three weeks. Of course it is not as simple as just unpacking, first I have to organise what I already have and make space for the rest - one small job ends up causing more mess and chaos than one can imagine. My aim is to try and get the car back in the garage before Christmas! In many ways it has been good, I have delved in to areas of the house which I was preferring just to shut doors on as it was 'too hard' to tidy them and now I feel that in at least some areas of my life there is 'form and function'!!

I have reinforcements now in teh shape of my mum so between us we should be able to get things done (husband is about as much use as a chocolate teapot!).

After spending a mammouth two days sorting out the craft room (husband calls it an offcie - get real he has just one small corner!) we finally sat down and did some crafting last night. It is my youngest son's best friend's birthday today so I made a 'secret' card for him. I shall put details on the next post!

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