Tuesday, 19 August 2008

We are permanent!

We have lived in Australia now for 2 1/2 years, coming over on a temporary business visa with my husbands job and with plans to stay for just 12 mths! I still remember when the suggestion to come to Tasmania was first put to me."where the bl@!*y hell is that?" were about my first words! I didn't even realise it was a real place, I thought it was a place just dreamt up to go with the Taz from Warner Brothers!

Well anyway, we are still here and despite missing home ALOT we do like it here. I have come to the conclusion that everything I love about England, the higgledy piggedliness of the villages, the old stone houses and cottages, the great manor houses, the little country lanes, the rolling green countryside, the history etcI am never going to get here, but on the flip side what we have here we would never be able to afford in England. It is all about making decisions about what is best for the family as a whole and not just me and at this time in our lives here is the better option and it is a pretty good option!

Our visa was coming to an end in mid July so at the end of June we submitted a permanent residency application and to our surprise, just over a week ago it was accepted. We expected it to be such a long drawn out process but I guess they realised we were a safe bet! Today I went and got the visas placed in our passports and applied for a full Medicare card. It was a very satisfying experiencing but somewhat underwhelming.

I suppose we expected a bit of a fanfare, you know helium balloons with 'Welcome to Australia' on them, a letter with gold embossed headings etc but instead we got an email with the documents basically saying "you're in mate"!!! I am guessing there will be a whole heap more pomp and ceremony if we go for Citizenship!

It is nice though and I do feel less of an intruder now and more part of Australia. I doubt I will ever get the accent, I cannot even pretend to do it! Even the older two (10 & 7) have very English accents, our little 3 year old has no real accent as yet but he does say 'gum boots' and not 'wellies' as we do, he also says 'lollies' and not 'sweets' as we do and he says "no" just as if he has walked off a Kath and Kim set!

So that is our news!


Zarna said...

Congratulations! and welcome lol

Lynda Moss said...

Thank you Zarna!

Martyn Munro said...

YAYYYY Congratulations Lynda & family. I know we are pleased that you are now PERMANENT!! That means we will definately get to see some more of you.
Look forward to talking soon.
BTW you & Claire are doing a FANTASTIC job with SU!!
Take Care & Keep Safe
Michelle & Martyn Munro xo

Lynda Moss said...

Thanks Martyn for all the above!

Claire and I are really enjoying our little SU! ventures, we have such a ball at the events it makes all the stress and prep before just fade away!

I hope you are well and that Michelle is making a speedy recovery!

Lynda x

Ann Wills said...

Hi Lynda

Congratulations,so pleased for you all, I am sure you will all have a good life in Oz. Australia's gain is our loss.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lynda,

So pleased to hear that we are able to keep you in Oz!(Sorry Ann your loss is our gain!) Don't hold out too much hope for a bells and whistles naturalization do, but I am sure your Aussie friends will think of something appropriate for the big day when it arrives. Claire's Mum xx

Lynda Moss said...

Mum, don;t think we are here for ever, just a means to an unkown end!

See you soon!

Lynda x

Lynda Moss said...

Hi Claire's mum!

Thank you for the kind words! We are relieved to have a little stability, who knows where it will take us!

I am sure I will see you soon!

Lynda x