Tuesday, 12 August 2008

In Colours..

The other night I was preparing for a workshop, I have some little books I have made to show off some of the DSPs we have and how they coordinate with card stock, inks and ribbons when i thought I need to show off the In Colours some more. The more workshops I do the more I find it hard as I just cannot possibly show off everything I want to, there just isn't the time so I try and devise new ways of incorporating as much as I can in and allow the guests to really see and touch the products.

So I devised this little key fob thingy! It shows how the inks, card stock and ribbons all go together perfectly!

I used the smooth card stock on one side, the side with the two-step stamped flower from Heartfelt Thanks and textured card stock on the other side. The card was obviously punched out with the scallop punch. I sandwiched the ribbon between the two scallops and then tied all the ribbons to a binding ring. I didn't have any Groovy Guava ribbon so had to use just white for that one! If anyone has 10cm of this ribbon they would care to send me I would be very pleased!

If you click on the picture above you will see the texture on the card stock. It is only a small thing to carry round but I am really pleased with it! (simple things please simple minds eh?!)


Martyn Munro said...

Hi Lynda this is a fab idea.
Do you still need the 10cm of GG ribbon. If so let us know & we will post it to you.
Mart & Shell Munro xo

Lynda Moss said...

Yes Martyn I do still need it so if you have some I would be mightily grateful! If there is something you need in return, just holler!

Lynda x