Sunday, 17 August 2008

Fun in the Snow!

Last Thursday morning we awoke to a slight smattering of snow which the kids just loved! It wasn't deep at all, I know other areas were pretty deep but it was enough to throw the odd snowball!

We decided that if the kids were a little late for school it wouldn't matter, they should just enjoy the snow whilst it lasted. the dog absolutely loved it too!

Our youngest was so keen to go out and play he didn't even change out of his PJs and it was all I could do to get a coat, hat , scarf and gloves on him! Here is a picture of him pulling a funny face!

I do miss the proper snow we got in England (even though that is not as common as it once was). there was nothing like waking up in the morning and everything would just sound different and you'd open the curtains and there is was, deep fresh snow. The only footprints would be that of the milkman who always seemed to manage to deliver the milk. the funniest thing was when the milk froze in the glass bottles, it would expand and push the foil lid up and off! I expect nowadays no milk or post would be delivered as some union somewhere would decide it shouldn't happen!

Our youngest has spent most of his life here so has never truly experienced 'proper' snow, we shall have to take him skiing next year!

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