Monday, 21 July 2008

Just a hello!

I have nothing to show right now but thought I'd pop on to say hello!

I went away this weekend with a girl friend to Melbourne. I was meant to have gone on the Thursday evening but had to change my flight to attend my friends' funeral on Friday morning. It was so incredibly sad, even those that had managed to keep a dry eye broke down when his son started to sing "you raise me up". I hope I can be a good friends to them in these coming weeks. I didn't have time to attend the wake which I regret as I could have given myself a little time to compose myself. Instead I turned up at the airport with puffy eyes and kept bursting in to tears (I had many odd looks!) It was nearly the end when I sat down in my extra-leg room, pre paid, emergency row seat only to have someone else board with the same seat allocation! I think the look in my eyes told them not to even consider asking me to move!

Despite feeling poorly with a cough and a cold and feeling low I did have a nice time. It was lovely to be able to just get up and go everywhere without trailing a child with me or thinking about getting back in time for something or other. My friend and I had a great time, even our nightmare trip to IKEA was I would have loved another day there but perhaps next time! I think we shall hit Sydney next!

Ooo ooo something funny that made me laugh, I was in the newsagents at the airport and there was this soft toy, it was the character my youngest has drawn in the earlier post! In fact not a Muppet but a Sesame Street Character - all my little one had missed off were the ears! Of course I had to take a picture of it, which of course I can't download as I have the new technology (an iPhone!) but no idea how to use it! Instead I scoured the net and here is.........

picture of Daddy aka Bert!

I shall add my son's again so you can see the comparison!

Uncanny eh?!

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