Monday, 14 July 2008

The hardest cards to make...

are by far Sympathy cards for people you know. I have not felt much like card making the last few days as I knew the next card I would need to make would be hard.

Last night we lost a friend, he was young and has a young family, life is cruel. His death was expected but that does not make it any easier for me and most especially his family and those really close to him. I sat here this morning knowing I had to make a sympathy card but I know when my son died I hated the word 'sympathy' as to me it was like 'pity'. I was pretty unreasonable at the time I think, I was was surrounded in my own grief and thought people should choose better words but now I know they didn't know what words to use as there are none when you lose someone so dear to you.

Even so I didn't want to use the word but at the end of the day that is what it is. I just couldn't think of an original card to make so I sat and scoured the cards people post on the net and I came across a lovely card by Michelle Zindorf which I decided to case. On her card she used trees, I chose to use a boat as my friend worked on the water and boats were a huge part of his life. The colours are the same as Michelle's as they are so apt for a male, I also added a moon to mine which Michelle didn't have. I chose to do that as a moon is restful to me and I think of my friend at rest now.

So here it it is, it was so hard to make

Rest In Peace


Ann Wills said...

Lynda I do appreciate how hard it was to make that card. I can only say that you have done a magnificent job, it is beutiful and depicts and encompasses the way your friend lived his life. I am sure his family will appreciate it.

Fiona Whitehead said...

What an amazing card - you can see the love that has gone into it - I'm so sorry for your loss and their loss.