Sunday, 6 July 2008

Getting back in the swing of things!

So having returned from the UK having had a very hard time over there I came straight in to preparation for the Hobart Quilt & Craft fair. It was hectic to say the least and I still haven't even unpacked all the bags we brought back with us!

This week has been spent recovering and catching up from jetlag. Even the older two boys were run down and had been neglected, so much so they had a day off school on Wednesday to recover and my eldest hasn't been back yet as he was full of cold. He shall be back on Monday!

It will be nice to get back in to a daily routine and get on top of everything! Claire and I are already talking about our next stamp camp which will be at the end of this month.

We are going to do an A4 one sheet wonder so each person can create 10 cards and at the end, if they would like to swap with others they can do! SO I have been putting together some samples for that.

Here is a picture of me (on teh left, my freind Kim and Claire (on the right) enjoying a quiet moment at the fair!

The fair went really well, my craft circles were backed out within minutes on the first two days and we sadly had to turn people away. I was so worried that no one would come along so it was a relief to see the booking form fill. It was so much quieter on Sunday in every way, I didn't fill me class that day but I had a good number to work with so it was still very enjoyable!

It was a real learning experience being at the show, obviously the other stall holders are seasoned professionals, some of which do 15 shows a year! So we were definitely the new kids on the block. Many things we did were really successful and we would do them again but there are other things which we wouldn't do again and some things we didn't do but perhaps shoudl have done! If you were at the fair and have any feedback then I would love to hear from you!

There was another stall there representing another company which works on the same principle to Stampin' Up! I did get one of their catalogues and it really made me appreciate how user friendly out catalogues are and I love the way SU! works in the colour families so it is really easy to see what is what and match things. I was totally confused and overwhelmed by the other catalogue.

I was also shocked by their prices of stamps. For just two stamps that work together as a 2 step stamping it was $30, to get a smaller version of the same stamp was $25 so to get all four it would have been $55! You can get Bud Basic stamp set with SU! which has 6 stamps which work in the 2 step stamping way for just $33!

One things which was very popular on our stall was how our friend and helper Sarah, used SU! stamps and classic ink to stamp on to fabric. She stamped a couple of child's clothing items, some fabric she used to make a bag and even made a quilt by stamping fabric and watercolouring it! We were in awe of her and are all now rushing out to get fabric to play with!

well I shall elave this post here and start a new one to show some things I have been up to!

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