Thursday, 17 July 2008


I finally remembered to buy some candles the other day so I could try this project- I just loved it! It is a way of getting stamped images, whether they are solid stamped or coloured on to a candle. Just think of all the gifts you can make with this!

The technique is very simple and is definitely going to be used in on of my project classes. I won't post a full tutorial here as so many other have done it and probably much better than I could, but I can give instructions!

  1. Stamp your image on to tissue paper and colour as desired.
  2. Tear or cut round the image quite close to the edges.
  3. Place image on the candle where you would like it to be
  4. wrap greaseproof paper/baking paper/wax paper (I think they are all the same thing!) around the candle and hold it tight. Use it almost as a handle at the back of the candle with the image at the front.
  5. With a heat gun heat the area where the image is. Don't hold the gun in one place, wave it.
  6. Gently rub over where the image is with your fingers
  7. Remove to paper and your image should now be embedded in the candle. If the tissue paper is sticking up anywhere just rewrap in teh paper and heat again.
  8. You can build up teh images one by one.
  9. I am not sure yet how it burns, but the rule with a candle is you never leave it burning unattended anyway so so long as you keep an eye on it, it should be fine.
Here is my first attempt using elements from a stamp set founf in teh new mini called Always (have I told you ALL the sets in the mini are DIE CUT, it is fab, so quick and easy to construct!)

It is so effective isn't it?! It made me think how much I trawled the local shops to find a 'birthday' candle for our son, Thomas, who was stillborn. On the date of his birth/death I like to have a candle burning as we never forget him,. I have never found the perfect candle and often make do but this year I shall make him a cool one with Spiderman on etc. all the things a 6 year old boy would want!

I also found that you can reverse the images simply by putting them on back to front! I did this with the birds, you can't really see it but there is a bird either side of the heart and both have their beaks facing the heart.

Here is a little memorial one I made. The Stamp is not a SU! one, they don't have an angel ones. this is a Judikins stamp but I hate to give them all the credit as I found this image on the web many years ago, long before Judikins adopted it and then copyrighted it! I particularly like this angel as the halo is slipped and he/she is praying with his/her eyes open, it suggests a certain amount of cheekiness and if Thomas' brothers are anything to go by, Thomas is bound to be a cheeky angel! I have the ''good' angel version of this stamp too!

I did both these candles very quickly so not a lot of time was spent being exact and worrying about 'design and layout', I jsut wanted to see it work! This is my excuse for all the letters and numbers being wonky on Thomas' candle!


Fiona Whitehead said...

My candles haven't worked when I've tried- its just melted the candle - I'll stick at it though as these are so pretty.

I'm so sorry to read about the loss of your darling boy - so far your blog has had me in tears this morning!

Lynda Moss said...

I think teh secret is not to have the heat gun too close, make sure there is baking paper between the gun and candle and keep the gun moving so it doesn;t heat one area too much.

You can always heat it a little and stop, if the tissue paper has not been completely 'melted in' just go back and do it some more. better to do it not enough than too much!

ps, sorry about the tears, I am hoping my mood lifts soon!