Sunday, 8 June 2008

Still here.....

and with no internet access I have been unable to update you all as much as I would have liked. Things here have been as stressful as they can be. The idea was to come here, sort stuff out for shipping, get the house ready for rental and order a new kitchen and have it fitter- that is where it went wrong.

It was so easy to oder the kitchen, but then they changed the delivery date to a week later which was too late to have it fitted so I, with the help of my dad, step-mum, brother and sil we went and collected it ourself, only to have the fitters not turn up! SO in summary I had to dismantle the old kitchen and fit the new, thankfully my brother was able to help me but it is certainly not part of our job description. Having said that we have done a great job, we didn't even argue and the swearing was minimal too! I will post pics when I get back to Aus.

What it has all meant is all the other important jobs I had to do have been left and now I am in a total panic and am not sleeping as I have so much to do, I have only a week left before I fly out. My mum and I and my eldest son did put a few hours aside this afternoon and managed some crafty creations.

Anyway I have to dash as the kids need feeding!

I arrive back in a little over a week so things will start to move again!

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