Thursday, 19 June 2008

Simple yet effective!

Well although 97% of my time there was spent being totally uncreative, i did manage to find some time to churn out a couple of things. I think I was most productive on the first two days as I was jet lagged and awake very early and hadn't appreciated that I was going to be fitting the kitchen myself at that stage.

As my equipment was limited to what I took over and what my mum lent me I could only achieve simple cards.

I wanted a very simple card from Bud Basics that I could use to demo at the craft fair, this is one I came up with.

it is very simple to make, simply using Whisper White card Stock, Basic brown ink and 3 colours from the Soft Subtles range. It is the kind of card you could make in less than five minutes for that card you need urgently or you could sit and make a few so you can stock pile.

Sample cost:
Bud Basics $33.95
Neutral Classic Stampin' Pad $9.95
3 Classic Stampin' Pads (colours of your choice) $29.85
Whisper white A6 cards + envelopes (20) $11.50
Merchandise Total $85.25
Shipping & handling (5%) $4.26
Order Total $89.51

I really cannot say how easy this stamp set is to use. You could always add a coordinating jumbo wheel, basics Outline and a a jumbo handle plus some matching ribbon to bring your Merchandise Total to $119 or more to receive my personal offer of FREE POSTAGE

Another very simple card to make is this one using the Pick-a-Petal stamp set. This card is not balanced as well as I would have liked but the principle is there. Again it is using just the white card stock and coloured inks, you could repeat this card with a whole range of different colours and the end result is fab and very eye catching! This would be great to get with a set of ink spots!

Sample cost:
Pick-a-Petal $52.95
Ink Spots $41.95
Whisper white A6 cards + envelopes (20) $11.50
Merchandise Total $106.40
Shipping & handling (5%) $5.32
Order Total $111.72

Of course that would give you all that you need to make 20 basic cards but once the cards have run out you will have lots of ink (in 12 colours) and your stamps to keep on using on any card stock you already have or purchase in the future. If you can add something else to the merchandise total to make it $119 or above I will waver the shipping and handling costs.

Just think you could add a reel of ribbon, a set of word stamps, brads, punches etc and there would be NO extra 5% to pay, the price you see in the catalogue is the price you pay!!!

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