Thursday, 19 June 2008

My clever 10 year old!

I had one afternoon whilst I was in the UK to dedicate to crafting. My mum took me and my eldest son to a local craft club. It is where I made the little cards with the paper clip bookmarks in the previous post.

Initially my son was bored and was moaning he wanted to go but I sat with him and showed him some things he could do with water colour crayons using some of my mum's SU! sets. He used the Au Naturelle set and painted 3 pears and was so pleased with them he used them to make a card for his dad's birthday.

(picture to follow)!

He got such a positive response from us and the other crafters he was on a role so he made one from Unfrogettable set for his uncles birthday (I don't have a picture of that one) along the same line. It was a great card and with some googilie eyes it really made it!

He then made this one.

He had a a great time in the end and was justly proud of how well he did and I got a relatively peaceful afternoon!

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