Thursday, 19 June 2008

Churning out the cards....

Often when you card make you have to make the same card a number of times, especially for invites etc. One of the easiest cards to make in my view is what I call a 'Strip Card'. Now don't get excited, it is nothing racy! I simply mean a card where a strip of stamped card stock, usually in a pale neutral colour, is back with coordinating card and placed on a card base. The strip can be thick or thin or you can have two thickness's on the same card, you can layer it as much or as little as you want and the same is true for embellishments.

The beauty of a strip card is you can make many of them in no time at all and the boredom factor doesn't have a chance to be an issue (as is often the case when you are making more than one of a card).

With this card I used Petal Prints to stamp an A4 sheet of Whisper White and then I simply cut a strip off of it, layered it and adhered it to a base card, hey presto a very quick and simple card to make and I ahve enough patterened card to make quite a lot more!

If you are making a lot of one type of card you may find a production line sustem works. To work one card from start to finsh and then repeat is a labourious task. I personally find it is more efficient to work on one aspect of the card at a time and then build them all.

For example, in the little note cards above there is actually quite a lot of steps involved. I was making 20 of them so decided to break it down in stages. In fact my mum was around so I delegated stages to her. Quite often I use my two older boys, especially when Christmas comes round!

These were the stages I used. I stack up the different stages and then build from them.

  1. Decorate some whisper white c/s with your stamps and inks in Colours 1 & 2
  2. Stamp the circle of friendship in Colour 1 on whisper white c/s 20 times
  3. Punch these out with a circle punch. (make a pile!)
  4. Punch out the next circle layer (colour 1) with the next sized up circle punch 20 times (make a pile!)
  5. Punch out the next circle layer (colour 2) with teh bext sized up circle punch 20 times (make a pile!)
  6. Punch 40 scallops in Colour 1 (make a pile!)
  7. Assemble all these pieces with a giant paper clip 20 times
  8. Using 5 sheets of A4 c/s in Colour 2, make 20 little note cards (A7 sized) (make a pile!)
  9. Cut 20 pieces of c/s in colour 1 to teh dimensions of 6.9cm x 10cm (make a pile!)
  10. Cut 20 pieces of c/s in colour 2 to 6.4cm x 9.5cm (make a pile!)
  11. sing your decorated card stock, 20 5.9cm x 9cm pieces (make a pile!)
  12. Fully adhere the white c/s to the Colour 2 card stock and punch out a section on the top third with the word widow punch.
  13. Adhere this assembly to the Colour 1 c/s but only round the edges.
  14. Fully adhere this assembly to the note card base in Colour 2.
  15. Finally slip your paper clip book mark in to the window you punched out.
Now I can positively guarantee that it is not the most enjoyable thing to do which is why you rarely see hand made card makers making the same card over and over but it is the best way to make cards in bulk. You can work on as many stages that time permits and then leave it for another time and pick up easily where you left it. The other plus is you need equipment for that stage on your desk at one time, It may be you just need card and a punch, or just a paper trimmer,. It helps keep your working area clear and you are less likely to drop an ink pad on something you have just made!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lynda
what size paperclips did you use and where did you get them??

Lynda Moss said...

Hi 'anonymous'

The paperclips are about 10cm in size, I have never seen them here in Tas, I got these from a craft shop in the UK.

Sorry not much use am I?