Thursday, 1 May 2008

An eventful day!

You know when you have a day really well planned, you know what you are going to be doing at each point of the day and you will achieve it all and all goes pear shaped?!

Well that is the day I had today, things started going wrong about 5 minutes after my husband left for work, taking one of the boys with him to drop off at the school on the way. Five minutes later he as back, he had a flat tyre so decided to take my car. To say I was a little displeased at being left with a car with a flat tyre, a 3 yr old crying as he wouldn't be able to go to his swimming lesson, no way to pick another son up from school and take him to his doctor's appointment, is perhaps an understatement!

So there I was at 8.30 this morning changing the tyre on the car, I was so relieved to find that his wreck does indeed have a jack, a handle to use with it and a tyre iron and actually the whole process went rather well (I was so relieved as we have builders over the road and I soo didn't want (sorry just had to stop to deal with a nosebleed - not mine!) to look like a dizzy blond. My dear husband then rocked up, feeling somewhat guilty to have left me stranded but was jubilant to see me finishing off the wheel and covered in gunk. He even said he would keep my car and I could take his and get the tyre repaired - how lucky was I?! So off he trundled to work, I went and had a shower only to get a phone call from him explaining that the car had no petrol and was in fact below empty but he was pretty sure I would get to a petrol station (he was laughing so much he could barely make himself understood)- men!!!!

Needless to say I handled it all, the tyre was fixed and replaced, the car was filled with petrol, we got the swimming lesson, we got to the doctors and I even did a couple of other things...but I made him buy us a take-a-way dinner as I had no time to shop for food today and it was his fault!

He is now out with a work colleague and I am left with the kids - again - so I have decided not to put them to bed and come and play with my cards instead. I need to keep busy as my eldest son is on sch0ool camp and I hate the house when one of the is not here, I almost wish I had given him a mobile so I could keep in touch but that does go against all my beliefs about young children and gadgets!

Anyway, here is a card I made this evening. I actually used the On Board 'stuff' for the first time ever. I inked the flower up with Purely Pomegranate but because of the colour of the board it actually looked like Bravo Burgundy so i went with that! Using the two way pen I added some Dazzling Diamond glitter, let it dry, covered it with Versamark, and then embossed it a few times with clear embossing powder. I then kind of evolved a card from that starting point and came up with this. there is something lacking from it, I can't decide what yet but hopefully it will come to me, if not then perhaps one of you can make a suggestion! ( I desperately tried to add leaves to the flower using the oval punches and Mellow Moss but it was a most definite 'no go', I punched the five pointed star out in MM too and put it under but that looked naff too so I just decided to leave it and move on!

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Morwenna said...

Well done for dealing with all the stresses of your day so well.
Especially for showing those workmen that yes, you could change a tyre by yourself! Bravo!