Thursday, 8 May 2008

About the Stamp-a-Stack

Well I completely forgot to update you all on how that went last weekend, most likely because I was shattered!

It was definitely and experience and one we learnt from! We had 11 in the morning session and 9 in the afternoon one so that meant we had to prepare 20 packs of stuff, that is 240 cards to pre cut!!!

We started the morning session session at 10am and by 11am we realised that we had underestimated on the timing, rather than taking two hours it was going to take at least three. So it meant the first group was put under a lot of pressure to finish up and move to the next station so we felt awful about that. the last thing we want is for people to feel under pressure.

As there was no group coming in after the afternoon session they had more time to finish off so I definitely think next time we will alter the timings to make it more comfortable for everyone. So for all those in the first group I am incredibly sorry that you were so rushed!

I should have taken photos of the cards people made but I was too busy, there are some pictures of people on the day is I shall post those later today.

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