Friday, 4 April 2008

Where does the time go?

Well I haven't been overly creative the last few days, time has just gone and tiredness has been a major factor. On Wednesday we had such strong winds, I spent 3 hours of my evening working through my mountain of ironing, which was (and still is) huge. The wind was so bad that night, it was terrifying, I didn't sleep a wink.

When I was a teenager we had a hurricane in the south of England where I lived at the time. So much damage was done, there was total devastation around us, I remember it so well and how scared I was, ever since then I have hated the wind. The weekend we found out that our third son had died before birth was a very windy weekend too, I can remember the scan telling us the awful news and the tree outside hitting the window as it was so windy. You never forget times like that. So strong winds do not bring out the best mood in me, I just feel terrible, scared and sad.

We had some damage to our property, we lost a few roof tiles, our glass garden table flew over (but did not break!), the sunshade on our balcony ripped off, our BBQ cover went for an adventure, the basketball hoop fell down on my husbands car and other little things. I think we got off very lightly really!

I think the whole of Tasmania was tired yesterday as not many people slept through it. Our power went off in the early hours and didn't come on until 11am. This is when I regretted not getting our gas canisters filled up when I should have. Both the house one and the BBQ ran out at the same time about 12 weeks ago and it was on my list of things to do - at least now they are done!

Last night was a SU! groups meet, we are called the Tassie Inkydinks and we get together every second month, share some food (and wine!) and just discuss how things are going and then one of us will do a make and take. I showed the group yesterday how to do a waterfall card, they did very well! There was only 3 including myself, I think everyone was really tired.

I spent my morning taking my youngest to Kindergym, he just loves it and then we came home and washed the car. That is I washed and he soaked the car, me and himself! I even hoovered out the interior which is no mean feat in that car - there is a lot of it and a lot of nooks and crannies. It was such a mess but I guess with three young boys and the fact they spend so much time in there going from A-B and using it to change between various sporting events etc it is bound to get a little messy right? It took me 2 hours to do the job!

So as you can see I haven't had much time to sit and create, I hope I find some time this w/e but it is hard as I think my husband resents the time i spend on it - oh well we shall see what the w/e brings!!

Now off to pick the boys up from school, haircuts all round and then the school fair - oh joy;)

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