Sunday, 20 April 2008

We survived Stamp Camp!

And that is no mean feat let me tell you!

I think I had lulled myself into a false sense of security as I had organised well in advance what I was going to do but I forgot the little fact that I actually needed kits for individuals to work on themselves. So yesterday afternoon I was sitting on my front drive cutting card like a woman possessed!

I can see you wondering why on earth I was sitting outside when I could have been sitting at my desk - well the truth of the matter is that my youngest son wanted to play outside with his skateboard and scooter - he is such a hoon and far too young to be left unsupervised so I had no other choice other than to sit out there!

After frantically deciding on colours and how I was going to put the kits together I then realised that as I was expecting 18 ladies in to my home I really ought to clean it so I was tearing around do that, we also had to go out for a meal last night (which was great!) so time was short.

Why oh why do I leave things to the last minute?! Anyway, Claire (who is so much more organised than me!) arrived this morning with home baked goodies (plus a bottle of Champers for afterwards!), I despatched my husband and kids out for the day and before too long the house filled up and hopefully fun was had by all.

If you were one of our guests please feel free to leave some comments about the day at the end of this post!

I think Claire and I managed to convince everyone we were fully prepared and knew what we were doing, when I used to teach, we called it 'Door Handle Preparation" that is, we decidedthe lesson format as we walked in to the classroom!

Everyone worked really well and created some amazing pieces. Claire's mum did a fantastic job keeping the refreshments flowing. She also managed to take some pictures

This is the kitchen end of the room where I was working, that is me in the pink t-shirt looking incredibly serious. I hope I wasn't like that the whole time!!!

This picture was taken from the lounge end looking towards the kitchen. Look at all those Busy Beavers!

Claire and I have also got our joint blogspot going, InkyDivas, it is here where we will keep people up-to-date with our joint ventures, share pictures of projects and such like. There is not much on there right now but it will grow, I will upload all the pictures which were taken today on there.

Thank you to all our lovely participants today, we are exhausted but we had a great time!

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