Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Water Colour Madness

Those that know me will know that I love watercolouring using stamping as the base (mainly because I can't draw!). I am not an expert at it by any means but I really enjoy it. With three boys I spend many an hour waiting around whilst they do their various sports so more recently I have been taking a small tote with me, it has a pad of watercolour paper, some black Stazon, my Stampin' Write marker and the fantastic Aqua Painters.

I just sit myself down and stamp and colour away. There is something so therapeutic about colouring, I used to notice that when I was teaching. I would have this class of unruly 14 year old boys trying to teach them science, when there was a reason for them to sit and colour (not that often!) they used to sit still, they would be quiet and they would concentrate - it was very relaxing compared with them tearing around with pipettes of acid and melting plastic pens in the Bunsen Burner - (I have just reminded myself why I no longer teach....arghhhh)

Anyway, I am rambling now, back to the point...The time passes very quickly when I do this and when one of the boys says "Mummy. did you see that somersault I just did" I find myself lying and saying "Of course I did darling, it was fantastic!"

I often draw a crowd of young kids who ask loads of questions about stamping etc. I really think more children should do it, my boys love it, even the three year old. They can use ordinary card stock, water colour pencils and an aqua painter and there is very little damage they can do, especially if the adult pre-stamps the image for them.

I am most certainly going to be doing this on my long journey to the UK in a few weeks. (I am travelling on my own with the three boys, we have three different planes to get, one journey is a mere 2 hours, one is 9 hours and one is 14 hours - oh the joy of it....lol).

The issue I have now though is I literally have LOADS of images I have coloured/painted but I have yet to make them in to cards - that is the bit I find the hardest. So here are a few of my images that I did the other night just waiting patiently to be turned in to something special!

These first few are from that most gorgeously cute set Fishy Friends. The fish are just great but the jelly fish and seahorse are pretty special too. I bled over a little on the red jelly fish. i can rectify this but at the time I just left it as there was too much water on the paper as it is. Watercolouring on the proper paper is very forgiving!

I think the seahorses will look lovely with some glitter on them.

these next three are from the Summer by the Sea set. It is such a beautiful set. I am using the little boy and the sandcastle for the Craft Classes i am doing at teh Quilt & Craft fair in Tasmania at the end of June. If you are in Tas at that time, come along and pay just $7 and make a beautiful card using that image!

This final one is from the very lovely Time Well Spent set. this is a level three hostess set . It is so worth getting a group of friends whom you know love crafting together and hosting a workshop to get this beautiful set totally free. if you qualify for this set you also qualify for $120 to spend on anything you like in the catalogue!

If you are in Tas and would like to take advantage of the great hostess benefits available to you or you even would like to know what is involved with being a demonstrator like myself, please email me and I will get back to you promptly with answers to any questions you may have.

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Ann Wills said...

Lynda, these are gorgeous, you are getting better and better at watercolouring, I still need some tuition.