Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Stunning View and Saggy BagPuss!

I took the photos of the wedding card from the balcony outside our bedroom. it is such a stunning place to be, we have such awesome views from there, across bush down to the River Derwent. We can sit and watch the Sydney to Hobart yachts come in at the end of the race without getting out of bed!

I thought I would share a picture of our view, it is so lovely as it over looks the two main yacht clubs here in Hobart so on race days the water is awash with beautiful yachts. When I go sailing I often look up to where our house is and wonder if the kids know which boat I am on! the truth is I can just make out our house from the water but I would never be able to see if anyone was looking out!

I thought I would share another picture with you of our cat, he is almost one year old now and we got him from a rescue centre about 9 months ago. His name is Ziggi and he is a black tabby! From afar he looks black but on close inspection you can see he is tabby. he has a white shirt and white shoes and is very gorgeous and very tolerant of the boys, especially if you see how the little one handles him! yesterday morning he was asleep on our bed and looked just like he was a soft toy.

It was hard to get the picture clear because he is so black, the sun was behind him and his eyes were close (he was deeply asleep). I think you can see though that he is very 'chilled'

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