Friday, 25 April 2008

Sorry to have been so quiet.....

well a very poor show really....

I have been a little quiet of late over the last days as I really have not had time to be creative. I have been designing a new kitchen for our house in the UK which is a tricky little thing to do when you are 11000 miles away. We return there in a couple of weeks for a 5 week stay and I have an awful lot of renovation work to do so the house can finally be let. It is so hard as I love that house so much, I love the fact it is one of the newer houses in the village yet is 100 years old, there is none of that history here, not in the same way. I love it's location, i love it's layout, I love it's size so the thought of other people living in there is very hard.

On top of that my eldest son had his birthday on Wednesday so had a couple of friends over for a sleepover. It was a bit risky doing it mid week with school the next day but I figured that they only had to hold it together for the Thursday and today is ANZACS day so no school. He has his main party on Saturday, 6 of his friends at the climbing wall, BBQ, home theatre for a movie and then a sleepless night. If you add those 6 to my own 3, that is a hell of a lot of of boys!! I must be absolutely balmy - wish me luck!

Anyway I have a full day today, hopefully with crafting this afternoon - that is my plan I have so much I need to get ready for the craft fair at the end of June, especially as I will be away for 6 weeks!

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